Got questions?

  1. What is GearUp?

    GearUP is an application for your wearable that tracks sensor data related to Health & Wellness such as Steps, Heart Rate and Sleep. This application supports the Gear Fit2 Pro, Gear S3 & Gear Sport wearables. This application is designed to be used in conjunction with an employer/employee Wellness Provider. The data is collected and synched into the GearUP Cloud, then synched to the Wellness Provider's platform for the purpose of rewards, incentives, gamification, etc.

  2. How do I get the Samsung Gear App?

    First, it depends on which type of phone you use, Apple IOS or Android.

    • • If Android:

      Go to the Galaxy Apps on your Android phone. Search for “Samsung Gear” under the “PHONE” category. Choose “Gear” Click on the blue INSTALL button to begin download and installation. Follow the instructions on the phone to complete the installation.

    • • If IOS:

      Go to the App Store on your iPhone Search for “Samsung Gear” > If you have a Fit Pro, download and install “Samsung Gear Fit” app. If you have a Gear S series watch, download and install “Samsung Gear S” app. Follow the instructions on your phone to complete the installation.

  3. How do I get the latest version of the watch OS?

    To ensure you are running the newest OS that supports GearUP, go to Gear App on the phone. Under category SETTINGS > About Gear > Update Gear software > click on Download updates manually. It will check for updates and then tell you if there is a pending update or not.

  4. Device and OS supported for use with GearUP?

    • Visit this URL to see a list of Android and IOS compatible devises: http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/gear-s3/device-compatibility/

    • Gear watches Gear Fit2 Pro, Gear Sport and Gear S3 are supported with GearUP.

  5. I do not have Galaxy Apps on my phone.

    The Android OS version on your Samsung phone may not be new enough to have Galaxy Apps pre-installed. Galaxy Apps can be installed if you upgrade your phone to the latest Android OS version. To check whether you can update your Android OS, Go to your phone Settings > System Updates > Check for new system update. If you still have issues accessing Galaxy Apps on your phone after this process, please contact us at support@samsunggearup.com

  6. What happens if I have to switch my phone?

    If you have upgraded to a new phone from your wireless carrier you will need to re-pair the new phone to the Gear watch. The Gear watches can only work with one phone at one time. To re-pair your watch with another phone, your watch will have to perform a factory reset. If this occurs, you will need to re-install GearUP. Once GearUP has been installed you should see the PIN screen, you will need to update your watch information on the GearUP Cloud.

  7. My PIN code does not work when I try to use my PIN number on my watch to Register or Change Device on GearUp Cloud site.

    • Verify the watch is Wi-Fi connected.

    • Restart the watch - A new PIN will be displayed after the watch initializes.

  8. Why does my watch show a different step count than the cloud?

    Data is synched from your Gear watch to the cloud at defined intervals in order to save battery life. In some instances, the cloud may show a step count that is lower than what you see on the watch. At the next synch interval, your watch will synchronize any missing data and you will get credit for those steps.

  9. What is the contact information for questions or feedback about GearUP?

    Send an email to support@samsunggearup.com